Demolition Contractor in Stoke

Demolition Contractor in StokeWhen you need a building, plant, factory or warehouse demolition contractor in Stoke, ensure the company you hire has the technical know-how to do the job. The company should have expertise in handling and removing toxic substances as well as flammables and other dangerous materials. Structural demolition includes bringing a facility down and doing it safely. It requires not only special knowledge but special equipment to do the work.

If you need to hire professionals in Stoke, demolition contractor services are provided by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. We have a special interest in the purchase and removal of plant and equipment from foundries, quarries, ship building, refineries and other industrial businesses. We will help you decommission, disconnect, dismantle, remove, pack, ship and reposition your existing facilities. We provide a high standard to all our work. We deliver safe and effective demolition services to any business. Our team will remove all internal waste and other items that may be reusable. Our company started in 1985. It focused on car dismantling and small scale scrap metal.  Since then, an aluminium furnace was built, and a few years later, a skip hire service was introduced. In 2005, dismantling and demolition were added to the list of services. Today we continue to provide an excellent service to all our clients.

Use the services of a demolition contractor in Stoke so the project is professionally completed and within the required time frame. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers if you are looking for a demolition contractor. We understand the importance of safe and proper practices. We will ensure the completion of your project to the high standards we are known for. Our base is in Cheshire but we operate throughout the UK and Europe. We have provided our clients with cost effective services for over 31 years. We will do the same for you.