Scrap Metal Wanted in Crewe

Scrap Metal Wanted in CreweScrap metal wanted in Crewe is a regular request from recycling merchants. If you have an old car that you want scrapped, or heaps of scrap metal lying around, you can speak to Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. Old cars that need to be scrapped have large amounts of scrap metal that can be recycled. You can responsibly dispose of your old car by contacting us. We will collect the car and offer you a reasonable price for the metal in the car. This is done by weight and there is a standard price for different types of metal. Once your car is in the scrap yard it can be dismantled. First the fluids like lubricants and fuel need to be safely removed and properly disposed of. The brake fluid and anti freeze are also carefully taken out as they are toxic and pollute the environment. The car is then stripped down to component parts as different metals are contained in wiring and other parts. These are sorted and packaged into like metals for smelting.

When you are looking to dispose of an old vehicle in Crewe, scrap metal is always wanted for recycling. Car bodies are crushed and packed for shipping. The metal is sent to smelters all over the UK. It is smelted down and reused to make many different objects. Most new cars have a reasonable percentage of recycled metal in them. This stops useable items that should be recycled from ending up in landfills. It also helps supply the raw materials that industries need. It saves on having to process as much ore and so saves energy. This all helps with lowering carbon footprints.

Scrap metal wanted in Crewe by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers can provide you with a little extra cash. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today about scrap metal wanted. You can call us to request a collection of an old car or delivery of a skip. You will receive the best possible price for all your scrap and at the same time the scrap you throw away is correctly disposed of. Make the world a healthier and cleaner place for you and your family.