Do You Require a Scrap Skip in Alsager

Do you require a scrap skip in AlsagerDo you require a scrap skip in Alsager to keep all your useable waste in one place? You will find that with a skip your staff will put recyclable waste products in one place. Not only will you be saving space in the rubbish bins but the skips will be collected from your premises as soon as they are full. Rubbish is items that cannot be reused or recycled but much of the material that is considered rubbish is, in fact, reusable. Any scrap metal can be sorted and smelted down and remade into new items. We offer the best prices for scrap metal and are happy to place a skip at your business premises for the convenience of your staff. All they need to do is throw all used metal items or offcuts into the skip. Once the full skip has been collected, the skip is weighed and sorted in our yard and you will receive a cash payment.

When throwing away recyclable items in Alsager, do you require a scrap skip? Many factories are throwing money away by not saving the offcuts and used metal that is often viewed as trash. All metal can be smelted down and reformed into useful items. Most metal items today have a certain percentage of scrap metal in them even though they are new. New cars, for instance, can have up to 25 % scrap metal content. This is of great benefit to the environment as it takes a lot less energy to smelt old metal than to work ore into metal.

Do you require a scrap skip in Alsager that will earn you a little extra money from the scrap dealer? Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and request a scrap skip for your business. You will be surprised at the amount of scrap that accumulates that you were previously throwing away. This would have ended up in a landfill site and would take many years to decay.