Scrap Metal Prices in Crewe

Scrap metal prices in CreweScrap metal prices in Crewe are variable but we pay some of the best prices around for all types of scrap metal. We offer skips which we will collect and deliver at no extra cost so that you can start disposing of all the scrap metal your business produces in a responsible way. The metal is all recycled so it stays out of the landfill sites making it environmentally friendly. Old cars can pose a problem when they no longer function. We will collect them and will pay a very good cash price. These are broken down into our yard into component pieces and the metal is sorted and sent to be smelted. Much of this metal waste product is used in making new vehicles with up to 25 % recycled metal being incorporated into new cars.

When you throw off cuts in the rubbish bin you are throwing away money in Crewe, scrap metal prices will help to bring in a little extra cash. We have a hazardous waste license and a waste carriers’ licence which enables us to undertake demolition and removal of machinery and plant from decommissioned plants. We can remove and recycle just about all the mental in a disused factory. Our staff have been trained in offsite health and safety and are experienced in reclaiming tanks and equipment that once held chemicals and other hazardous materials. We will buy and remove just about any new or used metal item including aeroplanes and ships. There is no metal object that is too big or too small that we cannot handle. We will beat any genuine price offered for your metal objects.

Scrap metal prices in Crewe are paid by weight. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and find out how much money you can recover from scrap metal with our scrap metal prices. You will be surprised at how much scrap accumulates over a reasonably short time. We also have small skips that are useful when cleaning out a domestic garage.