Demolition Contractor in Cheadle

Demolition Contractor in CheadleFind a demolition contractor in Cheadle that can assist you with the decommissioning and demolition of your plant. Structural demolition includes bringing a facility down and doing it safely. It requires not only specialist knowledge but also specialist equipment to do the work. We have the latest technology and expertise when it comes to demolition work and can undertake all types of projects.

We will tailor make a solution for every site to make sure it meets with the environmental and logistical constraints present. In Cheadle, a demolition contractor can assist with the handling and the removal of toxic substances as well as flammables and other dangerous materials. Before we begin with any demolition work, we will remove all non-structural material from the premises.  This includes all parts of the building that are not part of its structure such as the floor covering, cladding, partitioning, window frames, doors, and fittings.  As these items have not been damaged, they can be can then be recycled or reused. We have a special interest in the purchase and removal of plant and equipment from foundries, quarries, ship building, refineries and other industrial businesses.

Use the services of a demolition contractor in Cheadle for the safe dismantling, moving and repositioning of your existing facilities. Since 1985, we have been providing excellent services to all our customers and continue to provide a high level of service. We are proud to deliver the safest and most technologically advanced demolition solutions in the industry. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers when you need the services of a professional demolition contractor. Working according to safe and proper practices, we will ensure the completion of your project to the high standards we are known for. We will be happy to provide a bespoke demolition package, specifically designed to meet your demolition project’s needs.