Demolition Contractor in Wilmslow

Demolition Contractor in WilmslowWhen you need most any type of demolition contractor in Wilmslow, the leading commercial dismantlers, Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers has the solution. Our company has been growing and expanding services for 32 years. We have created solutions for effectively dismantling, demolition and site clearance for factories, foundries, processing plants, refineries, shipbuilding, quarries and even chemical sites. Our business requires the ability to be flexible when working with our clients and we are experienced in managing all the variables. We manage by keeping almost all work in house so we can better control the progress and outcome of the project. For instance, if the first thing we have to do before demolition is remove asbestos from the premises, we can do that ourselves. We have our own in-house highly trained team to remove and dispose of the asbestos in an environmentally responsible manner according to government guidelines.

When the client says there are old tools and equipment that need to be removed before demolition, we buy it and take it our massive recycling facility. In fact, before full demolition in Wilmslow, demolition contractor responsibly does a soft dismantling of the premises. We carefully remove anything reusable or recyclable, right down to the old copper wires in the phone lines. There are other hazards involved, depending on the type of business that operated on the site. Chemicals, solvents and any other products that could contaminate groundwater or the air of the immediate environment is carefully removed and disposed of safely.

As a demolition contractor in Wilmslow, we at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers are keenly aware that ours is a necessary but hazardous business. For that reason, ongoing safety training, as well as new techniques and equipment, are a priority that is fundamental to our everyday operations. We are very proud of our safety record but we never take it for granted. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers when you have a demolition project. We can do an in depth site evaluation, and offer you our quote. If you were familiar with the old 52 acre Bridgewater Paper Mill in Port Cheshire, drive by. We recently completed the demolition and cleanup of that site. It is out with old so we can continue to build new. We can give you a list of other recent projects for your consideration.