Looking for a Quality Demolition Company in Runcorn

Looking for a Quality Demolition Company in RuncornLooking for a quality demolition company in Runcorn is simple when you stick with a name that has been around for decades because of their quality services. At Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers, scrap metal is our business. We also know that demolition steel and other debris is an eyesore across the landscape and our business is to collect it and recycle it so that it can be put to good use elsewhere. We are one of the leading scrap metal dealers in the county and with our scrap metal services, we’ve got some instant cash for you. It doesn’t matter what condition your scrap car is in as we will take it and even collect it from any location. We’ve got an authorised Treatment Facility where we take these scrap cars, and our scrap metal prices are also the most competitive there are. In fact, at Sandbach we accept all types of steel, copper, iron, etc.

If you’ve got some form of steel structure that requires demolition, we are the ones to call. In Runcorn, looking for a quality demolition company requires finding one who makes sure they’ve got all the right equipment to recover scrap metal. Asset recovery is a big part of our business where we salvage as much scrap metal from a building as we can before it is demolished. We are demolition experts and we have all the expertise needed to identify and remove salvageable goods, some of which can even be re-used in the new building. If you have scrap metal that has become useless to you, we can put cash in your hands and put the scrap metal to good use. We’re not new to this industry either, as we were founded way back in 1985. We’ve since built an aluminium furnace and later introduced a skip hire service to maximise productivity.

If you are looking for a quality demolition company in Runcorn, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today. We’re a multi-disciplined contractor and with our qualified engineers, we ensure a safe, high standard of work every time and are 100% capable of offering demolition solutions to meet all environmental and logistical problems.