Scrap Metal Prices in Holmes Chapel

Scrap metal prices in Holmes ChapelScrap metal prices in Holmes Chapel are paid in cash. We take all kinds of scrap metal including scrap cars and other vehicles. We are one of the largest and well known scrap metal merchants in our area. We have continually expanded the business and are known for our dismantling and demolition service. We will clear out old machines from factories where they are no longer in use. Our company offers skips so that all the metal scrap from your business can be collected. We collect on a scheduled basis or when the skip is full. Vehicles are collected and broken down to be recycled.

When you have old machinery to get rid of in Holmes Chapel, scrap metal prices are important. We even buy scrap metal from a number of European countries. We recycle all the scrap metal and it is then reused to make new products. The price of the various metals varies according to supply and demand but we make sure that you get paid the best price around. We will happily collect an old car or a skip full of off cuts and sort them into different types of metal before sending the scrap to the smelter. Our company helps keep the environment clean and stops the landfill sites from becoming full of items which can be recycled.

Scrap metal prices in Holmes Chapel depend entirely on the metal waste you want to get rid of. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and we can supply you with the current price on various types of scrap metal. We offer the best price for iron and steel as well as copper, brass and any other scrap metal. We offer a collection service for customers that cannot bring their scrap to us. If you have a truck our weighbridge will calculate the exact weight of your scrap so that we can pay you for it. We have been buying and recycling scrap metal for over 30 years.