Scrap Metal Prices in Winsford

scrap metal prices in WinsfordAre you looking for the best scrap metal prices in Winsford? Reach out to Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers for the best prices around, for all types of scrap. Our services make it easier for businesses to do away with the scrap it produces in a responsible way. For example we offer skips from which we will collect and deliver at no extra cost for you. All the metal we collect is recycled, in keeping with our environmentally friendly policies. You also no longer have to worry about what to do about that old car that has finally run its course. We are perfectly willing to take it off your hands for a very good price. These cars are broken down in our scrap yard into component pieces. The metal is then sorted out and sent to the smelters. A significant proportion of the products from this venture are used in making new cars. Up to 25% of recycled metal is incorporated into new vehicles.

There is a nice bit of money that stands to be made in Winsford. Scrap metal prices can easily be used to generate some side income. The more metal the better. We have a waste carrier’s licence and a hazardous waste licence that enables us to undertake the decommissioning and demolition of machinery in disused plants. Our ability to take apart practically all the metal in a factory could work in your favour from a financial point of view. And if there are health hazards to be considered we are more than up to the task. Our staff are all trained in offsite health and safety and know how to ensure safety while executing their duties.

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers will offer scrap metal prices in Winsford based on the weight of the pieces in question. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today to find out how much you stand to gain selling that scrap heap you have. No metal is too small or too big for us to handle. Our services cover everything from small scrap heaps to aeroplanes and ships.