Demolition in Winsford

Demolition in WinsfordMany issues must be taken into consideration when planning a commercial demolition in Winsford. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers has many years of experience and we know no two jobs are the same. We have to be prepared with the equipment and specialised workforce needed for any job. The public may not realise how diverse demolition projects are. One job could be an old concrete silo and the next a gas station. Sometimes it’s an old factory building with equipment that has been empty for many years. We know where old locomotives, carnival rides and jetliners go to die. All components are painstakingly separated and sorted for appropriate disposal. The scrap metals retrieved from demolished buildings are recycled and remanufactured into useful products. It is cheaper to manufacture from recycled metals than newly mined ore and it saves our natural resources.

Using wrecking balls and dynamite to bring down large buildings is being replaced with new techniques that are environmentally safer and protects more potential recyclables. One technique being used is TopDownWay, and another is gas cartridges. In Winsford, demolition conducted by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers is carried out to recycle as much as possible. That creates tremendous relief for our landfills. Regardless of how a building is brought down, toxins within the building must be removed as part of the dismantling process. Our goal at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers is to protect nearby buildings and their occupants from debris and environmental hazards. We follow government guidelines for the removal and safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Demolition in Winsford is not for amateurs. For over 30 years our company, Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers, have safely managed demolition and dismantling for our respected commercial clients. We clear the site and ready it for its next incarnation. We have an extraordinary team of skilled professionals and we accept contracts for properties throughout the UK. We encourage you to call and discuss with us upcoming dismantling projects. We will quote you a fair price for a job skillfully completed. The work we do is hard and sometimes dangerous. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today for demolition by a company with an excellent safety record based on the volume of work we have completed. We protect our clients by being fully insured for liability and our employees are covered by workers insurance.