Skip Hire in Northwich

Skip Hire in NorthwichSkip hire in Northwich is part of the recycling project which has become very popular recently. We should all recycle metal as it is one of the most important reusable materials. Meta is heavy and bulky and can take up a lot of space in a landfill. This is besides the fact that you are throwing money away. We pay for the smallest bits of metal to old cars and recycle all of it. The metal price is based on the type of metal and the weight. Our weighbridges determine the weight and we pay you in cash immediately. Can you afford to throw money away? This is one way of making your off cuts pay.

When you generate scrap metal at your factory in Northwich, skip hire is an environmentally friendly way of safely storing the scrap for recycling. We collect the skip when requested to do so or when it is full. We have a number of companies who are on a regular collection schedule. We can arrange for your company to hire a skip. They come in sizes from 8 cubic yards up to 50 cubic yards and many sizes in between. We collect both ferrous and non ferrous metals. When we have enough of one type of metal it is sent to the smelter to be reformed into new metal products including new cars.

Skip hire in Northwich is one way of lowering your carbon footprint. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and order a skip. We have many different sizes of skips and bins to suit all types of waste metal. Your small contribution is added to others until there is a mountain of metal to be smelted and reused. We pay the best prices for all types of scrap metal. Our skips can be delivered within hours of ordering and are available for long or short term projects from garage clearances to demolition works. We are also very experienced at removing old or unwanted machinery from factories.