Scrap Vehicle in Nantwich

Scrap Vehicle in NantwichIf you have a scrap vehicle in Nantwich, speak to Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers about having it removed from your property. An old, useless vehicle is not only an eyesore taking up space on your property, but can also become a safety hazard. By having your old junk heap legally scrapped, you will help the environment. A car that is scrapped is stripped of its toxic waste which is then disposed of correctly and safely. All usable  parts of the car, including the plastic, metal and glass, are stripped and recycled. An excellent way to prevent the new mining of metals and other mineral resources is to recycle the existing ones.

To make space on your property in Nantwich, a scrap vehicle can be collected by our team. It will be taken to our authorised treatment facility for stripping, depollution and disposal in an environmentally friendly way. Give us a call and we will arrange the collection of your scrap vehicle, free of charge within an hour of the call. We pay up to £400 for a scrap vehicle, meaning that not only are you able to get rid of the scrap vehicle but will make a tidy sum for your efforts. It is sometimes difficult to have a vehicle scrapped, especially if it has been in the family for years. If the costs of repair outweigh the benefits of owning the car, it makes more sense to have it scrapped.

A scrap vehicle in Nantwich is not worthless. You will be surprised to find out how many different parts of the car can be re-used. If you would like to find out more about our collection service for your scrap vehicle, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today. Do your bit for the environment by having your end of life vehicle responsibly and correctly scrapped. And why not make a little money doing so? Founded in 1985, we continue to provide our clients with cost effective solutions to their plant dismantling, demolition and site clearance needs and vehicle scrapping needs.