Scrap Car in Runcorn

Scrap Car in RuncornDid you know that your scrap car in Runcorn is worth a little money? If you have an old and unusable scrap car taking up space on your property, speak to a registered scrap metal dealer about having your car legally scrapped. The old rust bucket likely doesn’t look like it is worth much, but it can be recycled and the usable parts recycled and reused. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers have an authorised treatment facility where we recycle end of life vehicles. If you have an old car that no longer works and will cost too much to repair, give us a call. We will arrange for the collection, depollution and disposal at our treatment facility.

To make space on your property in Runcorn, scrap car collection is efficiently done by our team. We will also pay you up to £400 for your old car, and our collection service is free. Why hold on to the hope that you can get your old scrap heap running when you can clear up space and earn a little money in the process? Recycling your car is a responsible thing to do and you can be proud that you are doing your bit for a cleaner environment. Once you have seen the available space that your old car was using, you might be encouraged to do a proper cleanout and get rid of all your scrap metal. Realistically, the scrap metal that has been lying around for years is not going be used or be of any use. All it does is take up space and create an eyesore. You will be pleased to know that we also accept different kinds of scrap metal. From steel and iron as well as all non ferrous such as copper  and brass, we buy it all.

Arrange for the collection of your scrap car in Runcorn and make a little extra cash. Contact Sandbach Commerical Dismantlers today if you have a scrap car to be collected. Not only will you be playing a role in responsible recycling, you can earn a bit extra cash. Speak to us today to arrange a collection at a time that is convenient to you.