Demolition in Macclesfield

Demolition in MacclesfieldWe are specialists in a number of forms of demolition in Macclesfield. We are the UK’s leading independent demolition contractor. We are interested in purchasing and removal of plant and equipment form any company in the foundry, quarry and shipbuilding sectors. We are also well versed with demolition in difficult industries like the chemical and refinery sectors. We remove machines from general manufacturing and processing industries. We pay some of the top prices for scrap machines and will dismantle and remove them from site.

When your company moves to a new factory and no longer need the old one in Macclesfield, demolition of old buildings can be safely and competently done by our business. Our expert team will soft strip the building before demolition by removing all internal waste and non structural items like floor coverings, doors, ceilings and partition walls as well as window frames and lights. By getting rid of these items there is less need for time consuming sorting of waste after demolition and it also allows for some of the removed items to be reused. We will assess the building and decide on the best way to demolish it. Some buildings may need to be removed with controlled explosions and others may only need high reach machinery to dismantle the structure. Our highly qualified engineers will make these decisions after thorough inspection.

We will soft strip your old building before demolition in Macclesfield. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and find out how we can help you to remove machinery and demolish your obsolete factory. We have over 32 years of experience in the scrap metal trade and are leading traders in recycling ferrous and non ferrous metals.  We go as far afield to find scrap as Europe and Scandinavia. We provide cost effective solutions to our customers when attending to plant dismantling, demolition and site clearance. Our successful track record in delivering services safely and timeously has led to our reputation for trustworthy and honest business practices.