Scrap Vehicle in Holmes Chapel

Scrap Vehicle in Holmes Chapel Ever wonder what happens to a scrap vehicle in Holmes Chapel?  When a scrap vehicle is brought to a scrap yard, all the fluids are drained. Freon in particular is recycled and then resold. Then the scrap car is dismantled. Many parts are salvaged and resold. Recycled parts are key to keeping insurance rates low. The parts of the vehicle that cannot be sold such as the hulk of the car are recycled. Since engines are made from high grade metals, they have significant scrap value. Parts made from aluminium such as condensers, radiators and transmissions are also considered in-demand materials. The chassis and other steel materials are crushed and sent to a steel mill where they will be melted and reused. Up to 75% of a scrap car’s content is reused. It has perhaps the highest rate of recycling.

 If you want to get rid of your old car in Holmes Chapel, scrap vehicle services is your best option. At Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers, we are the leading scrap metal service providers in the nation. We pride ourselves on providing the best rates for your scrap metal. Irrespective of your vehicle’s condition, we will be happy to collect the car from your desired location. Our expert team will then carry out the required procedures in order to safely scrap your car at our treatment facility. In exchange, we will offer you competitive scrap metal prices. We’re always on the lookout for special metals such as nickel, silver and gold. Currently, we’re looking for copper, brass, iron and steel.

If you’ve got an old car sitting in your garage, consider selling it to a scrap vehicle in Holmes Chapel service. We will purchase anything from anywhere. If you have a scrap vehicle and would like it collected, contact Sandbach commercial Dismantlers. You just have to give us a call. Our customer service agent will set up a time that is convenient for you and designate a staff member to come pick it up. Apart from cars, we’d be happy to purchase  old wagons, aeroplanes, military tanks, trains, farm machinery and automobiles.