Demolition in Frodsham

Demolition in FrodshamThe successful demolition in Frodsham of any structure by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers is carefully planned and strategically executed. Underpinning every step is safety precautions that are integrated into every process involved in the demolition project. Our safety procedures are designed to protect our crew, people and property nearby the demo site and those who will come after us. We can demo anything from spaceships to your local factory. However, much of our work is old industrial buildings, foundry’s, refineries and chemical plants. That means careful removal and appropriate disposal of environmental hazards, including asbestos before the walls come down. We don’t want to leave behind any contaminants in the air or on the ground.

We refer to the first steps of demolition as soft strip because we separate out everything within the structure that can be recycled. In Frodsham, demolition might include old metal machinery, tools and fixtures which all can be recycled for future use. Clean timbers, steel girders, metal tubing and copper wiring would also go into the recycling pile. Everything is removed carefully and methodically according to safety guidelines. We are equipped with everything to get the job done from safety clothing to wrecking balls. Our extensive fleet of excavators are equipped with all specialised attachments to get the job done. For transport offsite we have a tipper fleet, loaders, bulk trailers and all sized skips. We always have the right tool for the job.

Why choose Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers for structure demolition in Frodsham? As we said, we are well trained and well equipped to get the job done. You may want certain fixtures and machines from the old building transported and placed in your new facility. We are prepared to complete that task. Our immense amount of experience has equipped us for any demolition project and most all is done with our own staff, not outside contractors. That practice gives us better control of the project overall. Our company was founded in 1985 and through the years we have grown in size, training, equipment and experience. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers and let’s talk about your project. We know how to make the whole process easy for you.