Specialist Materials in Whitchurch

Specialist Materials in WhitchurchSpecialist materials in Whitchurch are among the items that Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers will buy.  You know scrap dealers will buy copper, iron, zinc and other common metals everyone is familiar with. It may be your habit to collect metal recyclables in a box and when it’s full, take it to the scrap yard and trade it for money. We strip out all the metal from buildings before demolition. So, what are the specialist materials we’re always on the look-out for? Old aluminium or copper radiators and aluminium wheels from cars, cast or rolled aluminium and aluminium extrusions and turnings. Copper cable, mixed copper wire, household copper wire, mixed brass and more.

Don’t wonder if we take this or that specialist material or any other form of metals. In Whitchurch, specialist materials are accepted by us at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. We have few limits on acceptable metals. If we did, where would the old cars, farm machinery, cement mixers and trains. We are the company you can call to pick up your used submarine. It’s all true. Where did you think all the planes, trains and military tanks end up? Our company will pick up old vehicles free and pay you; if your factory produces a large amount of scrap metal, we will drop off a skip and retrieve it when full. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers pays competitive prices for scrap metal.

Specialists materials in Whitchurch are welcomed at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. Our company has been operating over 30 years during which we have grown and expanded while offering great service to our regular and new customers. We serve customers throughout the UK and offer the going rate. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers if you have questions about the materials we accept, our daily prices, retrieval policies or if you have a plane or metal barn you want dismantled and hauled away. We are members of the British Metals Recycling Association, CarTakeBack recyclers, CHAS safety accredited and Registered Waste Hauler. We promote safety first in the workplace.