Demolition in Runcorn

Demolition in RuncornIt is likely that you need demolition in Runcorn if you have bought a property with an old building. We have the expertise and knowledge to get the best value from the demolition. We will make sure that the building is stripped for all recyclable material before we demolish it. There may be iron girders holding up the roof and window and door frames made of metal inside. Any old machinery can be easily recycled into useable products. Our team move in to soft strip the building of all floor coverings, partition walls, ceilings and lights. This makes it far easier to clean up after the demolition as there is no sorting required and some of the reclaimed items may be useable.

If you have any obsolete machinery that is difficult to remove from your premises then you need our services. In Runcorn, demolition is only part of our wide range of services. We remove plant and equipment of all sizes including foundry, quarry and ship building equipment.  We will assist customers with decommissioning, disconnecting and dismantling plant from any industry like, chemical, refinery, general manufacturing and processing industries. There is no equipment or factory too big for us to handle. We are adept at developing solutions to meet difficult logistical and environmental sites.

We offer a very reasonable price for demolition in Runcorn. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and we will be happy to visit your premises and discuss your requirements with you. The company was founded in 1985 and started life as a scrap metal dealer. After a number of years the business had grown large enough to look at purchasing scrap from Europe and Scandinavia. The demolition and dismantling section has allowed us to control projects from beginning to end and remove as much metal for recycling as possible. It also allows us to conserve items such as lights, doors and wall partitions for use in other buildings saving much space in the landfill sites and rubble dumps. We feel it is our moral obligation to try and recycle or reuse all available materials.