Scrap Vehicle in Frodsham

Scrap Vehicle in FrodshamIf you have a scrap vehicle in Frodsham, Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers should be your first call. We are one of the leading scrap metal dealers and our commitment to our client service is clearly illustrated with every visit. From the first call or visit until sale of your scrap vehicle parts, we strive to make the process as seamless and effortless as possible.

We understand the challenges our clients face from managing their time to drop off their vehicle or dealing with lower prices than they deserve. In Frodsham, scrap vehicles are properly valued and compensated by our dedicated team. We have made a point to ensure that our prices are competitive and you will leave feeling satisfied and adequately compensated. In addition, we offer a collection service for your scrap vehicle wherever your location. This takes out the tedious task of having to find time yourself. After collection, our highly trained experts will proceed to carry out all the processes to scrap your car at our Authorised Treatment Facility (AFT). We accept all kinds of steel, brass, iron and copper so you need not worry about meeting our specifications. Upon arrival at our AFT, the first step we take is to de-pollute the car. This is a process whereby we remove all the fluids in the car and ensure that they are safely disposed of. Next we extract any parts of the car that are re-usable. Examples are the rubber of the tires or the engine or gearbox. We then crush the remaining metal shell exterior of the car and sort the different metals. This contributes to an environmentally conscious use of metal as this process recycles old metal.

Get an excellent return on your scrap vehicle in Frodsham and contact us to arrange a collection for your old car. You can give us a call today and your car can be collected within the day and we shall offer the best and most competitive prices guaranteed. We are dedicated to offering you the best service possible. Turning in your scrap vehicle may be hard due to the sentimentality attached to the car but you can rest assured that you shall get your money’s worth.