Specialist Materials in Nantwich

Specialist Materials in NantwichYou may associate Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers as buyers of heavy construction metals but we welcome specialist materials in Nantwich as well. You look around our yard and see steel support beams, the remains of trains, planes and automobiles. The demand for recycled steel and other metals in manufacturing is always great and is a major component of our business. Individuals deliver their scrap metals to our location; businesses deposit scrap metals into skips we deliver and pick up; we have a demolition team to strip out old factories and other buildings and we recycle end-of-life vehicles from cars to submarines. However, specialist metals such as gold, silver, platinum and materials containing nickel are also of value to us. There is no minimum limit to what we will accept. We welcome any amount you care to bring us.

The family of nickel and chromium based super alloys used in the manufacture of products exposed to high temperatures. In Nantwich specialist materials such as these superalloys are used in the manufacture of jet engines, space crafts, automotive exhausts and some automotive engines to name just a few. The demand for this alloy sometimes known as Iconel’s is in high demand. Also in great demand from manufacturers of electronics for thousands of products, fuel cells, medical tools, solar electric technology and more are the precious metals of silver, gold and platinum. They are called precious metals because while the demand is high for both industry and jewellery the availability is scarce.

Specialist materials in Nantwich like silver, gold and platinum are recycled for making jewellery but in industry small amounts of the metals are used in electronic components, often as parts of conductors. Recycling for precious metals for all industries saves on costs and helps conserve our natural resources. Because it’s cheaper to manufacture from a recycled precious metals, the demand from manufacturers is great. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers or bring your specialist materials to us. Our prices are fair and we can electronically check the metal you bring in for total content so you receive correct payment. For thirty-three years we’ve maintained a stellar reputation for honesty and integrity.