Demolition Contractor in Alsager

Demolition Contractor in AlsagerWhen you need an experienced, well-established demolition contractor in Alsager, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. We have more than three decades’ experience in plant dismantling, site clearance and demolition. Our client base extends throughout the UK and Europe although we are located in Cheshire. Our customer-centric approach, based on sound management principles, successful and timely project completion, flexibility, ability to stay well within your budget and our focus on safety set us apart from the competition. As the UK’s leading independent demolition contractors, we can help you with the removal, dismantling and disposal of plant equipment associated with foundry, quarry, shipbuilding, chemical, refinery and general manufacturing industries. We offer our professional experience and expertise in dismantling, decommissioning, disconnecting, removal, packing, shipping, and repositioning of existing facilities.

We offer a total solutions package as most of our operations are conducted in-house. In Alsager, demolition contractor services provided by us are in compliance with all safety standards. Since we do most of the operations ourselves, we have a good control on quality of workmanship, time and labor. Our professional expertise has been well utilised by logistically challenging and environmentally sensitive projects in and around the UK. We conduct a thorough pre-demolition soft strip to remove all internal waste inside the building. This may consist of removing all partition walls, ceilings, floor coverings, door and window frames, so that segregation becomes easier. Clients can also reduce damage to items that can be salvaged or recycled. Based on the requirements of the project, we create a customised demolition solution. This could be a controlled explosion or traditional methods using high reach machinery.

The team of demolition contractors in Alsager and other centres can decide the entire demolition process keeping your needs, safety, compliance with regulations and budget in mind. Our package may include safe asbestos removal and/or use of specialist equipment. When you are looking for professional demolition contractors, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. We believe in investing in ongoing health and safety training for our personnel so that their working methods meet the needs of industry best practices. We also believe in quality and innovation and have built our business on strong relationships within local communities and the international markets.