Scrap Cars in Congleton

Scrap Cars in CongletonScrap cars in Congleton can be an eyesore if left unattended and can also be a danger to the environment. We understand that not everyone knows what to do with their old car once it becomes unsuitable for road use but leaving it lying around on your property is not ideal. You would rather hand it over to someone that will know what to do with it but get rid of it in such a way that environmentally and ethically correct. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers is one of the leading scrap metal dealers and will offer you great prices for your scrap metal.

Whether the car is new or old, you’ll be sure to be compensated immediately for your car remains. In Congleton, scrap cars can be utilised in such a way that both the remains of the materials and the environment are put to good use. We will collect your car form whatever location is convenient for you at no extra cost. The car will then be taken through our Authorised Treatment Facility to go through the necessary procedures. This includes draining the car of any residual fluids that may still be present. We do this so that these fluids do not end up leaking into the water systems making them dangerous and poisonous. We’ll also recycle any usable material such as glass and plastic and have them made into new products. This reduces the need of manufacturing new products from scratch and also does away with the need for mining for fresh material. By doing so, we limit the amount of greenhouse gases produced, control the level of toxicity in the environment and are also able to help business that rely on such services of recycling to continue being of service.

As hard as it is to hand in your vehicle as a scrap car in Congleton, it will benefit both you and the area around you. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today for best scrap car prices guaranteed. We accept all types of steel and iron as well as other metals such as copper brass, and others.