Scrap Metal in Holmes Chapel

Scrap Metal in Holmes ChapelScrap metal in Holmes Chapel comes from many common sources like manufacturing waste, electronics, automobiles, appliances ships and planes. That’s a short list but the actual list is quite long. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers started in 1987 salvaging aluminum and smelting aluminum ingots but evolved into steel recycling. The demand for steel was and still is high. We placed skips at manufacturer locations to collect scrap metals and bought old cars to dismantle. That brought us to where we are today with an established scrap yard and a major dismantling and demolition service for salvaging non ferrous metals. Every product reaches the end of its usefulness but the metals contained within the product can be recycled over and over.

Dismantling is necessary to extract the valuable metals from old buildings, cars, planes, ships and even spaceships. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers buy these end-of-life products and in Holmes Chapel, scrap metal is extracted for recycling. It can be an exacting process because many products have toxic parts that must be separated out and disposed of according to government regulations. Ours is an environmentally friendly business because we keep tons of reusable metals out of landfills. The recycled metals are used to manufacture new products at lower cost. Of course, this also controls the disposal of toxic materials. We will take your old car, truck, van, farm equipment, tank or submarine off your hands, transport it to our recycling centre and pay you a fair price.

When we dismantle a building, some scrap metal in Holmes Chapel can be reused without going through the recycle process. Some are classified as recyclable but others are classified as reusable. Copper plumbing pipe would be an example of a reusable metal. The world needs your scrap metal and so do we. Collectively, we all make a difference by recycling tonnes of scrap metal every day. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers and we’ll place a skip to collect your scrap metal waste from your factory and retrieve it when full. Bring the box of old metal tools and car parts from your garage. We analyse your metals for content so the price you receive is accurate. We’ll pick up from just about anywhere.