Commercial Dismantlers in Leek

Commercial Dismantlers in LeekOur commercial dismantlers in Leek have established ourselves as the number one independent company for site clearance, dismantling and demolition. We have spent the last thirty years fine tuning our staff training, developing safety inspection protocols and laying a foundation for customer satisfaction and pricing that is unbeatable. Our reputation extends beyond the UK throughout Europe. Our customers know on big jobs and small, we endeavour to work within their schedule and we’re flexible to changing needs. Dismantling may not always look like precision work but it is. For safety’s sake and efficiency, jobs are carefully laid out and planned and we follow that plan. The client always has input into the planning.

Site clearance is a multi-step process and even small plant dismantling is a big job. In Leek, commercial dismantlers from Sandbach play a critical role in progressive communities by removing the old and making way for the new. Part of dismantling is removing any toxic substances like asbestos from the building and safely disposing of it. Our removal of all recyclable materials is where the money is because of the demand for recycled metals by manufacturers. Recycled metal when used to manufacture new products is cheaper and better for the environment. It uses far less natural resources. The manufactured products can be sold at lower cost benefitting the end user. We’re pleased to be part of this circle of commerce and progress.

Once the building is stripped of all reusable materials, commercial dismantlers in Leek will bring down the building. Sometimes the actual building materials, like bricks can be reused through recycling. We’re usually left with a pile of rubble to be cleared away to bare land. Often, the rubble itself is useful as landfill to prevent erosion or be ground down to make new building materials. Almost everything from the building lives on in a new form. For us, it’s like being part of creation. Eventually, a new office building, factory, school or even a park will replace the old eyesore we demolished, leaving the site a better place for the next generation. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers when you’re ready to level an old building to make way for new. You can count on our cooperative and professional customer service.