Skip Hire in Runcorn

Skip Hire in RuncornSkip hire in Runcorn is one of the many services offered by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. With a capacity from 8 to 50 cubic yards one or more will be right for your collection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We should mention there is no charge to you for drop off and collection of the skip and we can have one at your location of choice on short notice. We are commercial dismantlers and scrap metal collectors for private, industrial and commercial enterprises. We are also authorised to deal with end of life vehicles. We are licensed for commercial waste services, hazardous waste and commercial waste services. We have been in business for a long time with a broad customer base. We’re happy to provide references.

Our staff operates according to both off site and on site health and safety policies with continuing education participation a requirement for employment. When you call us in Runcorn, skip hire delivery is scheduled according to your needs. The reason we don’t charge for the service is because we have a market for your scrap metal and as our customer we value your business and pay you a fair price for the metals collected in our skips. Scrap metals come from many sources; old barns, factory demolition, ocean liners, manufacturers and many more. Manufacturers prefer recycled metals because it’s easier and cheaper to work with than newly mined metals. Those savings are passed on to the consumer.

Those are our reasons for offering skip hire in Runcorn. If you have an ongoing accumulation of scrap metal we can make arrangements for regular pick-up and delivery. We offer skips for one time clean outs or dismantling of buildings. Contact us about your scrap metal disposal needs and we will help you find the best solution at the best price for your situation. Our company was founded in 1985 and our experience is broad and varied. We have continued to build on each level of success and add more services as we grow. Environmentally speaking, we feel like we are part of the solution. Call us today and you can do your bit to save the planet as well, and make a little money.