Demolition in Nantwich

Demolition in NantwichWhen you need swift, efficient and cost-effective demolition in Nantwich, make sure you get in touch with the experts. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers has more than thirty years’ experience in providing top quality services to a wide range of clients. Whether you have a vehicle to scrap or a factory, shipping-yard, foundry, processing-plants, machinery, chemical plants, refineries, and agricultural machinery, and we can help you turn your trash into cash. All our work is mainly undertaken by our own technical crews, so we retain complete control over operations, pricing and time.

We pride ourselves on our swift response, professional excellence, ethical pricing and customer-centric approach. In Nantwich, demolition must be carried out only by licensed and authorised firms or professionals. There are several unscrupulous players in this market and getting involved with them can be dangerous and illegal. Recycling and responsible disposal are strictly regulated today and we have all the necessary licenses and certifications to stay in compliance. Scrap metal is also a huge untapped resource and can generate plenty of funds especially if you generate regular amounts. By recycling metals, it’s possible to reduce the amount of mining and environmental destruction throughout the world. Common metals that can be offered for scrap include iron, copper, aluminum, or brass, but these are often simply tossed into the trash by people who aren’t aware of their value.

Scrap metal buyers deal with a range of clients. These include people in the construction/demolition industry who may have huge stocks of steel beams, electrical wires that contain copper, plumbing fixtures with copper and brass etc. Homeowners also have huge amounts of waste metallic objects, furniture, gates, railings, old garden equipment, tools and appliances, and vehicles lying in their attics and garages. Contact us today for more information.  Ensure that you separate your metals before contacting the scrap merchants. A simple procedure is to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a magnet. Ferrous metals are not very high-value, but you find more volumes of them. Non-ferrous metals like copper are very valuable and you need to sort them properly to get the right price. Check the daily price fluctuations to get the right price.