Skip Hire in Cranage

Skip Hire in CranageWhen faced with a big clear out of barn, garage or commercial building, skip hire in Cranage from Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers helps organise the project. Skip hire is one of our many services related to our primary focus on buying scrap metal from all sources. For instance, your manufacturing may result is scrap metal. The scrap is worth money to you so we’ll place skips where needed for ease of collection on a continual basis. We are also a demolition company but we work with other demolition contractors setting skips at their worksite designated for scrap metal as they work their way through the demolition process. Junk cars are always welcome but if you have a car junk yard selling parts, keep our skips on site for the scrap metal from unwanted parts.

Our customers are often surprised by the amount of scrap metal they end up with after a barn, garage or warehouse clean out. When clearing the barn of the family farm in Cranage, skip hire allows for a methodical approach. You may want to hire a skip just to hold the useless trash that’s accumulated over the years. You’ll still want our skips to collect the scrap metal because that has value. It’s a good way to organise the clean out and make money for your efforts. Besides, that other skip full of trash is going into a landfill while our skip of metals will be recycled and you’ll get paid for it.

We deliver skip hire in Cranage and pick up when full. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, we collect scrap metal from others and secure our own dismantler projects, sending the metals to our massive scrap yard. We still want your box of rusty tools and truck load of metal appliances. Need to dispose of an end of life car? We’ll take it off your hands and pay you for the privilege. We all win by keeping metals out of landfills, recycling them for the manufacture of new products and everybody down the line is making money. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers for a skip hire to recover your scrap metal. We pay the best prices around.