Specialist Materials in Leek

Specialist Materials in LeekThere are specialist materials in Leek that are often found in very small quantities in household items.  Many obsolete personal computers are thrown away. This can cause metals such as lead, mercury or cadmium to leach into the surrounding soil and water.  If it is incinerated these metals can release poisonous gasses.  The ideal way to dispose of them is to recycle them.  There are traces of lead, copper, gold and silver in many computer hardware items. Other elements found in computers include tin, silicon and aluminium.  If correctly sorted they can be recycled and reused.  Many items contain nickel and platinum as well although in very small quantities.

When you need to get rid of old computers in Leek, specialist materials may be found inside. Many electronic items may contain valuable metals and should be responsibly disposed of as they will also contain hazardous metals. We take the time to identify the different types of metal content and make sure it is responsibly dealt with. The price of specialist metals varies but we pay top prices for them.  Any nickel content material is always welcome.  If you have some of the more unusual metals we will be very happy to buy them.  Almost all metals can be reused so contact us before you throw them away. The rarer the metal, the more valuable it is and the more we pay for it.

There are specialist materials in Leek that can be found in many objects. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and arrange to exchange your trash for cash. When cleaning out a factory there may be items that have some of these special metals in them.  We will be delighted to buy them from you and will pay the highest possible price for all you old metal whatever it is made from.  Old car batteries have a high lead content and this can also be recycled. It is a terrible waste to throw metals like gold, silver, platinum and nickel away even if you cannot see the metal.  Bring all unwanted metal to us as once it has been thrown into a landfill it is gone forever.