Demolition in Frodsham

Demolition in FrodshamWhen you need safe, reliable and efficient demolition in Frodsham, contact the specialists. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers’ expert services have earned us the reputation of being the UK’s leading independent demolition contractors. We began operations in 1985 and since then, we’ve moved from being a small, automobile dismantling business to an international company that focuses on commercial dismantling. Our operations service the UK and most of Europe today and we are known for our cost-effective, efficient and customer friendly approach to every project, big or small. What sets us apart from others in this sector is our complete commitment to our clients’ needs and our ability to adapt to changing requirements. Punctuality and smooth operations are our top priority.

Many of our projects are undertaken in highly sensitive areas and classified locations. This has helped us to innovate more innovative logistical solutions, keeping environmental safety uppermost. In Frodsham, demolition should be done only by trained, licensed and experienced technicians. This is certainly not a DIY job. We follow a systematic, step-by-step process with a pre-demolition soft strip. This means our experienced, trained technicians work from safe access to remove internal waste and other non-structural items. This may include floor-coverings, partitions, false-ceilings, doors/windows, frames, and lights. As a result, you can salvage several items that can be re-used, upcycled or recycled. It also saves time in post-demolition salvage and sorting. Each demolition operation is tailored to meet your unique needs, preferences and budget. In general we use safe methods like controlled explosions or more traditional processes using high reach machinery.

Choosing the right experts for demolition in Frodsham is vital for safety and compliance with regulations. Though these jobs appear chaotic and messy, they’re in fact the result of meticulous planning and logistics. The right permits have to be taken from local authorities and a correct estimate regarding time, labour and costs has to be provided by the contractors. For assistance with demolition of your building, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. We have a reputation for efficiency, reliability and affordability. We also have the right insurance coverage and licenses to do each and every one of the processes involved.