Skip Hire in Holmes Chapel

Skip Hire in Holmes ChapelSandbach Commercial Dismantlers introduced skip hire in Holmes Chapel to our customers back in 2003. Our company was founded in 1986 and we grew along with the need for recycled scrap metals grew.  We knew we had to make saving scrap metal easy for our clients if we wanted to meet the market demand for ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal. We offer a broad selection of skip sizes to suit your business such as manufacturing, automotive, demolition and more. We place the skip or skips on your site, delivered free within a huge radius. We don’t charge you when we pick them up either. We just pay you the going rate for the scrap metal your company generates. Companies watching their bottom line don’t throw away materials that have value.

Our hope is that with a skip on site, even if you don’t accumulate large quantities of metals, you will still collect what you have. For our customers in Holmes Chapel, skip hire might be just the incentive needed. We’ll travel across the country to retrieve and dismantle a locomotive but your skip of scrap metal is just as important. The recycling and repurposing of metal to manufacture new products play a big part in our economy. It’s cheaper to manufacture from recycled metal and requires less natural resources than if newly mined metals are used. So, it’s better for the environment, cheaper to manufacture and costs the consumer less to buy.

Wouldn’t you rather see a skip hire in Holmes Chapel filled with scrap metal for which you will be paid than watch it go into a landfill? That’s what happens when scrap metal is not recycled. So if Mr Homeowner wants a small skip in his garage so the family can toss in scrap metal, we think that’s important. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers and we can have a skip at your job site within hours. Be a part of the solution by recycling your scrap metal. You would be amazed how many jobs are created throughout the metal recycling process starting with the guy who delivers one of our skips to your job site.