Skip Hire in Crewe

Skip Hire in CreweSandbach Commercial Dismantlers offers skip hire in Crewe for the convenience of customers. When we go on a job to dismantle a commercial project, large train or small factory, we keep skips on site to collect much of the scrap metal. We could load a truck but collecting it in skips and loading those on a truck is easier and better organised. Because we are dismantlers and metal recyclers, we place our skips on site for other dismantling companies from whom we collect the skips and pay them the going rate for their metals. We then process the metals and sell them so manufacturers can make new products for the marketplace. We take scrap metal and bring it full circle and then do it again.

The price we pay for scrap metal we collect from customers is based on market demand. For businesses in Crewe, skip hire from Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers will add to your profits each year without costing anything. We’ll deliver the skips in size in number you require and retrieve them when full at no charge and still pay you the agreed rate for your scrap. If your company is not doing this now then money is walking out your door with someone else who is selling it. It may seem like theft but if you’re just throwing it away so it ends up in a landfill then the thief is doing the world and himself a favour.

We urge you to contact us for skip hire in Crewe even if the amount of accumulated at your business is small. We can pick up as frequently or as infrequently as you require. All amounts of scrap metal have value to you, to us and to the environment. If you only need the occasional or one off clear out of your storage area we want you to contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers and we’ll give you a fair price. You may already have a scrap recycler that you work with and that’s good. However, we encourage you to compare our prices and services. We’ll offer you a no obligation quote.