Specialist Materials in Holmes Chapel

Specialist Materials in Holmes ChapelWe buy specialist materials in Holmes Chapel, from planes to trains to automobiles as well as gold, silver and platinum and everything in between.There are small quantities of various elements in many machines, especially old computers or other old, obsolete technology. If your company is getting rid of all the obsolete machines then contact us and we will offer you a fair price for the equipment. There is almost no metal that cannot be reused by someone, somewhere. We do not care about the condition of the items and will happily buy complete trailers and tankers, diggers, all farm machinery even military tanks and submarines. We collect from anywhere in the UK and Europe.

If you need to clean out your factory and get rid of old machinery or tanks then we are the dealers you can  call. In Holmes Chapel, specialist materials as well as any useful metal are grist to our mills. We can recycle all grades and types of metal, ferrous and non-ferrous alike.  We will even buy cable of all grades, lead and lead/acid batteries, household cable, dirty metal, solder joints, tungsten carbide, zinc and circuit boards. These are just a few of the more common commodities. Some of the more specialist materials include aluminium copper radiators, aluminium scrap, cast and turnings, brass copper radiators, brass turnings and rod, bright copper wire, copper tanks and heavy copper. Many of these materials need to be sorted by us before they can be recycled.

We are one of the top dealers in specialist materials in Holmes Chapel. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and find out about the generous prices we pay for uncommon scrap metal. The rarer the scrap metal material is the higher the price usually reaches. The most sort after materials are lead, copper, aluminium and nickel alloy in any shape and form. We have a Hazardous Waste licence which allows us to remove any toxic metals for recycling which may be necessary when removing old chemical tanks and such like items. This also includes scrap cars as they are full of toxic fluids which need to be safely removed and responsibly disposed of.