Demolition in Northwich

Demolition in NorthwichWhatever goes up will eventually need to undergo demolition in Northwich to make room for new construction or a new interior build out for another business or manufacturing use. That’s when you call us at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. You can count on a clean and safe site for your new project when you trust us to carry out the demolition. We don’t just demo buildings or building interiors but trains, planes, automobiles and submarines as well.  From our demolition projects we salvage all ferrous and non ferrous metals. The metals are then recycled back into the raw materials needed for the manufacture of new products. You can call around but we guarantee the best scrap prices.

It’s always grand when an old obsolete factory or warehouse is renovated into an attractive neighbourhood asset that offers jobs. For such places in Northwich, demolition of everything except the supporting walls is sometimes called for. We undertake such jobs at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. We remove all the equipment, wiring and plumbing. Those items usually are made of metals which can be recycled. We dispose of all products that have no value so the premises are ready for the new build out of offices, shops or even another factory. In the past, all the recyclable items might have gone into a landfill. For other companies that do demolition only, we can set skips on site for the collection of metals, pick them up when you’re ready and pay you a good price.

On our site we have an Authorised Treatment Facility for motorised vehicles for demolition in Northwich. We’ll collect your scrap car from any location and you will get a certificate of demolition for your records and a good amount of money. We take unlicensed vehicles such as farm equipment, construction equipment. All of these vehicles and machinery are put through the demolition process saving everything that can be recycled. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers and let us know if you need to demolish a whole building, just the interior, legally scrap a car or need skips placed on your site. We offer the best scrap prices for all types of ferrous and non ferrous metals such as iron, steel, brass, copper and more.