Skip Hire in Winsford

Skip Hire in WinsfordWe can provide skip hire in Winsford, regardless of whether you are cleaning out your garage or demolishing a building. Our skips come in a large range of sizes from 8 cubic yards up to 50 cubic yards and the delivery and collection are free. We are able to deliver a skip to your property within a few hours and all skips are available for short or long-term projects. If you are clearing out the garage a small skip can be used to hold all metal waste. Old cans and other pieces of scrap including old machinery can be turned into cash that will reward you for your hard work. It also enables us to recycle it so that it can be made into many different types of useable metal objects again.

Are you throwing away money unknowingly? In Winsford, skip hire is one way of collecting metal for recycling. Many companies throw scrap metal out with their regular trash. This is not only a waste of money but is taking up place in landfill sites that could be used by non-recyclable items. Recycling scrap metal is an economically and energy efficient way of reusing old metal to make new items. Recycled metal is found in almost all new cars and we purchase old cars and after draining and removing any hazardous fluids and metals recycle them. We also purchase old airplanes, ships, heavy machinery and almost anything made from all types of metal including gold and silver as well as copper, brass and nickel.

We offer skip hire in Winsford for ferrous and non ferrous metals. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today to arrange for the delivery of a skip that suits your needs. We have over 30 years of experience in dealing with scrap metal and have grown to such an extent that we now buy scrap metal from companies in Europe and Scandinavia. We have also expanded our operations from scrap metal to include demolition and dismantling services. We undertake the demolition of old factories and recycle as much of the building and contents as possible thereby aiding the environment.