Specialist Materials in Crewe

Specialist Materials in CreweWhen you want to receive the top prices for specialist materials in Crewe, remember Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. These vary from day to day so call us first to establish the day’s prices. There are small quantities of various elements in many machines, especially old computers or other old technology which is now obsolete. If your company is getting rid of all the obsolete machines then contact us and we will offer you a fair price for the equipment. Technology moves so very quickly that machines purchased a few years ago are no longer capable of the speed necessary to work efficiently and newer programmes need new machines. Get cash back for the old equipment as it is no longer of any use to you.

If you are clearing out your home remember to keep a bin for metal items. In Crewe, specialist materials can be valuable. If you plan to take old and broken silver, copper or gold goods to auction, you will be lucky to get a fair price. We take your metal items and offer you the going price for the weight of the metal regardless of the condition of the goods. We do not care if they have holes in them or are squashed. We can go through the items and tell you what they are made of with our specialist equipment. This identifies most types of metal including alloys and can be invaluable when you want to know what something is made of.

All kinds of specialist materials in Crewe can be found in many objects. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and arrange to exchange your trash for cash. When cleaning out a factory there may be items that have some of these special metals in them.  We will be delighted to buy them from you and will pay the highest possible price for all your old metal whatever it is made from.  Old car batteries have a high lead content and this can also be recycled. It is a terrible waste to throw metals like gold, silver, platinum and nickel away even if you cannot see the metal.  Once it has been thrown into a landfill, it is gone forever.