Scrap Metal in Crewe

Scrap Metal in CreweMerchants specialising in scrap metal in Crewe can assist you if you have a manufacturing business. Our skips can be used anywhere from factory premises to farmyards. Whenever you need to clean out your property there is going to be a certain amount of metal thrown away. Let us collect the metal and pay you for it. The old cars we buy are stripped and the owner is given a Certificate of Destruction to prove that the vehicle is no longer on the road. This could save you from a fine and also gets rid of the car in a responsible manner. You know it is going to be recycled and will not pollute a piece of land or a waterway.

Throwing away old metal is throwing away cash. In Crewe, scrap metal is money that can be redeemed by bringing it to us where we weight it and sort it and pay you the daily going price for the scrap. We pay cash for all kinds of metal, old and new. Prices of metal fluctuate on a daily basis but you will always get the best price from us. We will buy any metal from precious metals like gold, silver or platinum through to iron and alloys. Not only are we saving material which would otherwise take up valuable space in a landfill, but we are recycling metal to be used again.

We are one of the leading dealers in scrap metal in Crewe. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today and arrange for a skip or a bin to be left at your premises. For over 32 years we have been collecting and recycling scrap and waste metal. We have grown so large that we also buy metal from all over the UK and Europe. We take great pride in doing our part in salvaging any useful metal for reuse. Our dismantling section is expert at removing large machinery from disused premises and also in demolishing obsolete buildings where we recycle all the material we can. We will buy any metal object from a platinum ring to an aircraft including vehicles of all makes, models and sizes.