Turn Your Scrap Metal in Macclesfield into Useful Cash

scrap metal in MacclesfieldWe have all seen scrap metal littering the landscape and what an eyesore it is, but thankfully a scrap metal dealer working with scrap metal in Macclesfield can turn this junk into something worthwhile. Whether it is old tins, building parts or vehicle parts, scrap metal actually has monetary value, and the UK’s metal recycling industry is worth a fortune. There is ferrous- and non-ferrous metal coming from residential and commercial use, and believe it or not, the scrap metal has a good market value as they can be used over and over again. Before recycling metals, it is important to know whether the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. At Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers we have decades of experience working with many clients.

Our successful track record ensures that in the 21st century, our services are in huge demand. In Macclesfield, scrap metal was not always the huge business it is now. We were first established in 1985, starting out in Bath Street but our growing business has to move to larger yards. Also, after making our first overseas scrap purchase in 2007, we have established good relationships with companies in Scandinavia as well as Europe. When it comes to demolitions, before we start with work, we remove all internal waste and non-structural items, being careful to set aside those items that can be recycled or reused.

Scrap metal in Macclesfield is also about old cars. If you have got an old car, do you know that we can give you cash for it? For more information on recycling scrap metal, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today. We will arrange for its collection even and dispose of it at our authorised treatment facility. On offer are other services too, and another is our range of skips which are used for a range of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These come in different sizes – from 8 to 50cu yard skips and delivery and collection is included, being able to deliver within just hours for short- and long term projects. Recycling your scrap metal is a responsible step towards minimising your carbon footprint. I is easy to do when you use the services of an authorised scrap dealer.