Specialist Materials in Holmes Chapel Accepted for Recycling

Specialist Materials in Holmes Chapel Specialist materials in Holmes Chapel are not those you first think of when recycling with Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. You may think about the skips full of metal scraps from a manufacturing plant or the steel beams reclaimed from dismantling an old building. It’s the big heavy stuff from farm machinery to jet planes. We don’t discriminate. While we love a big load of copper cable, already stripped, and we will pay well for it, we’re happy for your small collection of thin copper wires. Your house is full of electronics. Within those old TVs, cell phones, computers, smart watches, speakers and more are tiny pieces of copper wire. Even the control panels on your appliances, large and small contain copper.

Sheet metal from washing machines, dryers, refrigerators is valuable material. But in Holmes Chapel, specialist materials like copper, found in the control panel may be worth more ounce for ounce. If you are remodelling your house and redoing the plumbing, don’t throw out that old copper pipe or those copper pots and pans. How about grandmother’s sterling silver that nobody wants because they have no servants to keep it polished. We buy it and it gets recycled into something people do want. You may think it’s a shame to let it go but that’s better than passing that heavy box of sterling down from one generation to the next. Gold, silver, titanium and platinum are specialist materials of the non ferrous type that we gladly accept for recycling along with ferrous metals.

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers accept specialist materials in Holmes Chapel as one of our many services. We are leaders in dismantling and recycling of materials from commercial, industrial, automotive, aeronautical and marine sectors. But we also buy small quantities from the private sector. We’ve been established since 1985 and during that time we have acquired the equipment and know how to dismantle and recycle just about anything. We take all the metals, even the specialist materials. The demand for these materials is there and that’s what sets the prices we pay. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers and tell us about any specialist materials you may have questions about. We are interested in all of it, wherever in the UK it might be located.