Looking for a Way to Dispose of Scrap Cars in Alsager?

Scrap Cars in AlsagerYour scrap cars in Alsager can be bought by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. Scrap cars that come to us for recycling as end of life cars have about 200,000 miles on them. Even if the car is still running, it’s hard to sell a car with that many miles on it. We will buy your end of life car and pay you a fair price for it. You don’t want it taking up space in your driveway and the neighbours probably don’t want it sitting on the street. It can’t be sold but you are still responsible for it. All the paperwork is in your name, so you can’t just park it in another neighbourhood and walk away. We will buy your car because we have a use for it. As we have a depollution centre on site, we can strip the recyclables from the car and sell them for reuse.

On average, 95% of all vehicles end up being recycled. In Alsager, scrap cars are 84% recyclable. That’s good news for the landfills. Can you imagine what would happen if we didn’t have a recycling infrastructure in place for junk cars? Many of a car’s components are toxic and would pollute the ground of a landfill for eons. We are scrap metal dealers. Our primary interest in the end of life cars is the steel content.  However, other recyclable parts are the tyres, batteries, glass and engine oil. Even parts that aren’t worn can be sold for use in repairing other cars.

Recycling scrap cars in Alsager is a burden lifted from the car owner. Once you sell your car to us and it’s been recycled, we will issue a certificate of destruction to you. This relieves you of all responsibility or liability for the car.  Plus, you can feel good about yourself. First, because you got some money for the car and secondly because you have contributed to the millions of tonnes of scrap metal that is recycled every year. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers when your old car reaches the end of the road. If it runs or not, we’ll pick it up and tow it away for you.