Scrap Cars in Macclesfield, Environmentally Ethical Recycling

Scrap Cars in MacclesfieldScrap cars in Macclesfield represent a percentage of the nearly two million vehicles scrapped each year in the UK.

Waiting in the wings are the over 38 million vehicles currently on the road. We should all be grateful we have a scheme in place to help owners dispose of old junk cars. If our recycling program was not in place we would soon be buried in stinking, leaking, rusting metal. About 75% of a car can be recycled so the remaining 25% will go to the landfill. End of life cars are the most recycled consumer product. They supply upwards of 14 million tons of steel each year to the steel industry for the manufacture of new products. It’s cheaper for manufacturers to make products from recycled steel than newly mined iron ore.

The benefits to society from recycling end of life cars extend beyond the environment to the economy. On a more personal level, in Macclesfield, scrap cars can put money in your pocket if you sell it to us. Keep in mind that by selling your end of life car to us, you are rid of a car you would otherwise be stuck with. We relieve you of all liability for that car. That’s huge because if you just abandon the car somewhere, sooner or later somebody is going to come looking for you. We will collect your old car, pay you instantly, and also instantly issue your Certificate of Destruction. Just like that; you’re done with the car and you have money in your pocket.

We take scrap cars in Macclesfield to our Authorised Treatment Facility. During the process of dismantling the salvageable metal, we also separate out toxic substances and materials or depollute the vehicle. These environmental hazards are disposed of according to standards in designated landfills. We have been in this business for 35 years and recycling schemes such as this is the smartest thing we do as a society. If you have an end of life car, contact us. You can bring your car to us or we’ll come to get it, running or not. We are proud to be part of the solution and we invite you to participate by recycling with us.