Recycle Your Scrap Metal in Congleton with the Experts

Scrap Metal in Congleton When you have scrap metal in Congleton, we will pay good prices and take it off your hands. Sooner or later just about everyone finds themselves with an end of life car and the need to legally dispose of it. Cars are a major contributor to the scrap metal market. We all need to be grateful for the opportunity to scrap our old cars or as a country, we’d be buried under the weight of them. It’s easy to turn your old car into cash. Just contact us and we’ll arrange to collect your old car, running or not. We do accept deliveries if you choose. You will be paid right away and receive a certificate of destruction. We’re an authorised depollution and disposal treatment facility.

We accept domestic scrap from individuals in any amount. In Congleton, scrap metal for recycling is welcome in small quantities as well as large amounts. If you’re doing a large cleanout of a house or barn, we can drop a skip for you. We accept all ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals as well as white goods better known as appliances. If you are dropping off your steel, iron, copper and other metals, you don’t need an appointment. Just stop in. We’ll pay you the highest possible prices. We only ask that you provide us with a photo ID and proof of residency. Payment is cashless using a cheque, instant bank transfer or a prepaid card. We make it as easy for our customers as possible.

If your commercial manufacturing company accumulates scrap metal in Congleton from your daily operations, don’t just throw it away. That’s like throwing away money. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers and we’ll drop a skip at your site and arrange for regular collection and payouts to your company. If you buy recycled metals for your manufacturing process, then you know the financial benefits of recycling scrap metals. For all scrap metal recycling, including plant dismantling, demolition and site clearance, speak to us. We’ve been established for over three decades. Our customer base comes from throughout the UK.