Specialist Materials in Whitchurch, Dismantled and Collected by Expert Team

Specialist Materials in WhitchurchSpecialist materials in Whitchurch are often those items you notice right away. You may walk into a shuttered factory that has been closed for 20 years and see old machinery, dirty pipes, dangling cables, big metal things you don’t know the name or purpose for and staircases that are rusted. The lights could be hanging low over conveyor belts. The old green ugly things with rust spots haven’t been turned on in decades. They were old a long time before the factory closed. You don’t see anything worth even touching in this place. We at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers see valuable materials that have no purpose in their present state. So we strip them all out including the old radiators, cast iron stairs and propane tanks.

We strip out the black copper plumbing pipes, thick copper-containing cables and old machinery that once made products. In Whitchurch, specialist materials such as these are highly desirable to us at Sandbach Dismantlers. We remove the metal-containing equipment for recycling. It’s then used to manufacture new products. The manufacturing process using recycled metals will be less costly to produce and have a less negative impact on the environment and natural resources. We still want individuals to bring us their boxes of scrap metal and we want to place skips at manufacturing companies to collect their scrap. We are well equipped to efficiently collect and sort all metals, ferrous and non ferrous. We pay top prices.

The dismantling and collecting of specialist materials in Whitchurch is one service of several we offer. We think it’s important because the old metal products are needed for new products. Where else is there for old machinery, junk cars, train engines and rails, jets and other specialists scrap metals to go? Landfills? We don’t like that idea at all and you likely don’t either. Contact Sandbach Dismantlers. We are always interested in dismantling buildings, collecting commercial and domestic scrap metal and that strange inheritance like old tanks, warships, satellite towers, windmills and more. Safety is always our top priority. Our safety and training award-winning team maintains ongoing safety training as part of our operations.