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Demolition Contractor in NantwichA demolition contractor in Nantwich will advise on a pre-demolition soft strip to avoid wasting time and resources further along with the project. A soft strip removes all non-structural items, such as wall and floor coverings, partition walls, ceilings and insulation, doors, frames, windows and lights. Pre-demolition preparations are very important, as they can ensure the safety of the workers by removing electrics, asbestos and other harmful materials before demolition begins. It also promotes recycling and responsible waste management as items are removed and reused instead of being destroyed in the demolition. To get started, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring.

we have an expert team that has the training, experience and qualifications to manage all your demolition requirements. In Nantwich, our demolition contractor will create a bespoke demolition package designed specifically for your site. Additionally, we have a range of demolition methods and processes, using state of the art machinery and technology for a safe, controlled and effective demolition. As we are invested in waste disposal and recycling, we can assist with getting your decommissioned or waste items off your hands. If you are interested, we can purchase as well as remove all the plant and equipment that you no longer need. Whether you are closing down your business, downsizing or simply moving on to bigger and better machines, we are happy to purchase what you no longer need. Our team will purchase all your old machinery, equipment and parts as well as manage the demolition or dismantling and decommissioning of your premises.

For a professional demolition contractor in Nantwich that offers a comprehensive, custom demolition programme, remember the experts. As a multi-disciplined company, we are in the unique position of being able to handle most operations in-house. This in turn makes the entire process smoother and easier for you. If you are searching for a professional demolition contractor, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers right away. We are fully compliant with all Health and Safety regulations and can certify that your post-demolition site conforms to these as well.