Scrap Cars in Congleton

Scrap Cars in CongletonScrap cars in Congleton can earn you a pretty penny. Is your old rust-bucket taking up valuable garage space or leaking oils into your lawn? It might have been the first car you ever bought, with memories of your first road trip embedded in the peeling upholstery, but perhaps it is time to say goodbye at last. If the vehicle is no longer road-worthy, it is not useful for anything except nostalgia. You can send it to a better place at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers.

To scrap metal dealers in Congleton, scrap cars are a valuable commodity, and Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers will pay well for your old vehicle. They will drain all the oils and fluids from your car, remove all electronics and separate the materials according to their recyclable uses. All the car components will be depolluted and disposed of or sent for recycling. This is done at their Authorised Treatment Facility. They offer a free collection service if your car can’t make its final journey by itself. It will be hard to say farewell to a car that’s been a part of your life for so many years, but rest assured it will be recycled in accordance with environmentally friendly standards, and its parts will contribute to the creation of a new car that will make another owner very happy.

You can earn up to £400 for scrap cars in Congleton. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers if you have any scrap cars to lay to rest. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service, and will be able to collect your vehicle within the hour, free of charge. They will scrap any make or model of car in any condition. Visit or give them a call today to find out how much your old car may be worth.