Specialist Materials in Congleton, Ethically Recycled and Disposed of

Specialist Materials in CongletonSpecialist materials in Congleton are among the scrap materials we accept. Typically, we accept and recycle all metals and parts from cars, commercial vehicles, building dismantling projects. These materials make up the major portion of our business. However, many people are looking for a place to dispose of their old electronics. As such, we are now accepting these products for recycling. Many contain precious metals in small amounts that e can recycle.  However, usually they also contain toxic materials which need the correct handling and disposal according to environmental guidelines. If you are one of the many with old computers, phones, tablets and readers filling a corner of your garage, give us a call us.

Most people let old electronic waste pile up because they don’t know what to do with it. Hence in Congleton, specialist materials are welcome at Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. The amounts of precious metals in electronic products are difficult to see but they are there and we have a market for them. There are trace amounts of silver and gold in electronics. Also, we find copper, lead, tin and aluminium. You are welcome to bring them to us. Furthermore, we’ll pay a fair price for your scrap. Moreover, we’ll sort through these materials and then correctly recycle them. Recycling is an essential part to lowering our carbon footprint. However, recycling covers a broad range of scrap, including specialist materials. We’re happy to offer our expert services.

Computers and smartphones are not the only place we find specialist materials in Congleton. There are components in micro-waves, kitchen and laundry appliances, TV’s, radios and more. These all can go through the recycling process. Bring them to our experts and we can ensure the right procedure for recycling them. For more details on how we can assist with specialist materials, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today. We take great pride in our excellent range of services. As such, you can be sure that all items undergo ethical recycling and disposal. There are many items that can have a new life, hence, this is why we recycle. Do your bit for our environment and ensure that you recycle all items, including specialist materials.