Commercial Dismantler Services in Liverpool by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers

Experience the excellence of commercial dismantler services in Liverpool brought to you by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. A leading name in the industry, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive dismantling and demolition services.

Our Distinguished Commercial Dismantler Services in Liverpool

We are committed to providing high-quality services that translate into customer satisfaction. Our services range from

  • Complete demolition of commercial establishments
  • Safe dismantling and removal of factory machinery
  • Site clearance
  • Scrap metal recycling

We are experts in the field, with over 34 years of experience.

At Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers, we have evolved from a small-scale scrap buying business to one of the fastest-growing independent demolition contractors in the North of England. We have a vast customer base, thanks to our proactive approach towards steel recycling and our skip hire service that has helped in maximizing productivity.

We ventured into offering dismantling and demolition services on a larger scale in 2005. With our well-established scrap yard, we turned to online auctions in 2006, looking further afield for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This led to our first overseas scrap purchase in 2007, enabling us to establish a robust working relationship with companies in mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

In 2010, the company underwent a name change from Sandbach Car & Commercial Dismantlers to Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. This better represents our focus as we move ahead, targeting larger demolition projects.

We have a successful track record of delivering our services safely, on time, and within budget. This capability sets us apart from our competitors and has earned us a reputable name in the industry.

  1. Our team comprises of skilled professionals who ensure the safe and efficient demolition of commercial establishments.
  2. We also specialize in the safe dismantling and removal of factory machinery.
  3. Our site clearance services are thorough, ensuring that all debris is cleared, leaving a clean and safe site for future use.
  4. We are committed to environmental sustainability, and hence, we recycle scrap metal, contributing positively to the environment.

In conclusion, for the best commercial dismantler services in Liverpool, Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers is the name you can trust. We aim to continue providing our clients with cost-effective solutions to their plant dismantling, demolition, and site clearance needs.