The UK’s leading independent demolition contractor

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers are always interested in the purchase and removal of plant and equipment associated with foundry, quarry, shipbuilding, chemical, refinery and general manufacturing and processing industries.

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We are also happy to assist our Clients in the decommissioning, disconnection, dismantling, removal, packing, shipping and repositioning of their existing facilities. As a multi-disciplined contractor we are in a unique position to handle most operations in-house, thus allowing us to efficiently predict costs and ensure a high standard of work.

Innovation, expertise and leadership in the field have placed Sandbach Commercial Dismantler are at the very forefront of the UK’s demolition sector, allowing us to deliver the safest and most technologically advanced demolition solutions in the industry.

We often complete contracts in sensitive surroundings from the demolition of slurry plant at IMERYS Minerals in Cornwall as well as highly classified works for BAE systems in Woodford. Our latest project in the complete Demolition of the former 26acre Brenntag Chemicals site located in Sandbach This means that we are adept at developing solutions to meet difficult logistical and environmental problems.

Pre Demolition Soft Strip

Prior to undertaking any building demolition works, our operatives work from safe access and carefully remove all internal waste and non structural items e.g. floor coverings, partition walls and ceilings, doors, frames, windows, light Removal of these items at this stage negates the need for time consuming post demolition waste segregation and reduces damage to those items which could otherwise be reused or recycled.

We will always create a bespoke demolition package which is designed specifically to suit the project needs; whether this is through controlled explosion or more traditional methods using high reach machinery.

Using our qualified Engineers, Sandbach Commercial Dismantler can assist our Clients in all aspects of project and site management including preparatory planning works, site assessment and the preparation and submission of relevant statutory Health and Safety documentation with our Nebosh Co-ordinators.


Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers provide a fully integrated, safe, controlled and technologically advanced asbestos management abatement package to all customers nationally.

In addition to providing our Clients with the most experienced and trained people for the works, Sandbach Commercial Dismantler also offers unique technical know-how and unparalleled industry insight.

Clients who own, occupy, manage or have responsibility for premises which may contain asbestos will either have a legal duty to manage the risk from this material or a duty to co-operate with whoever manages that risk.

Therefore it is essential that clients choose the right surveyors, format or management system that suits their needs, timescales and budgets.

We can help guide clients through this process and provide them with a complete solution to their asbestos problem.

Specialist Equipment

At the heart of the fleet are 360 tracked excavators from 1.5 to 50 tonnes, equipped as needed with specialist attachments such as mobile demolition shears, demo grapples & 5 tyne orange peel grabs.

From mini through to high reach units, specialist attachments (rotating grapples, concrete cutters, plate or steel shears) are employed to increase productivity, safety and reduce operative fatigue.

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers has recently invested in a Lefort conqueror Static Press and shear with a cutting force of 600 ton.

The transport fleet has also been built around Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers activities; low-loaders with ag.v.w. of 80 tonnes are capable of moving any item in the fleet and smaller items can be moved using a plant body attached to anyone of 3 hook loaders. A tipper fleet as well as several bulk trailers and hundreds of skips ranging from 8-40 cu yard allow materials to be moved efficiently on and off site.

Health and Safety & Training

Our safety record is exemplary but so too is our drive for continuous improvement. Health and Safety policies work best when they are seen as a positive part of the corporate culture, rather than a restrictive set of rules that need constant supervision and enforcement.

That’s why we are committed to developing the experience and capabilities of individuals, managers and project teams to improve safety levels in the long term. Our investment in continual training of all our staff far exceeds the industry standards and we encourage a culture which allows people to initiate and implement safety on the job.

For Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers, health and safety management is not simply a priority; it’s part of our corporate philosophy. Technological advancements and external pressures means Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers practices will evolve over time. However our commitment to health, safety and training remains the consistent value throughout the business, and this is evidenced by the numerous safety and training awards that we have received.