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Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers are always interested in the purchase and removal of plant and equipment associated with foundry, quarry, shipbuilding, chemical, refinery and general manufacturing and processing industries.

Domestic Property in Knutsford

Domestic Property in Knutsford

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers started a 10-day programme in removing a domestic property down to slab

  • The foundations and slab were also removed along with all foliage and tree roots
  • All gained waste materials where removed from site
  • The site was left safe and secure ready for the next phase or works

Bridgewater Paper Mill

Bridgewater Paper Mill

Former Bridgewater Paper Mill North Road Ellesmere Port Cheshire CH65 1AG

  • Site Owner: Peel Port Holdings
  • Contract Value £10 million
  • Contract Duration 18 months

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers where successful in tendering for the complete demolition of the former 52 acre paper mill down to slab level.

John Sisk & Son Ltd

John Sisk & Son Ltd

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers successfully tendered for the complete demolition of the former Sentinel Building on Forge Lane, Stoke On Trent by the Principal Contractor John Sisk & Son Ltd

The Site has been recently acquired by BET 365 whom are centralising all operations to this site circa November 2015.

When Sandbach took control of the site the previous occupants had vacated although all buildings were still electrically live. Sandbach obtained and managed key elements in the demolition process such as corresponding with local authorities and obtaining site specific surveys.

All aspects of demolition required a tailored approach. Sandbach Provided all RAMS and on site and liaised with Sisk the Principal contractor with the daily management on the project.

The Project was completed within the optimistic programme and budget with out accident or injury following Sisks strict policies and procedures.

Brenntag Chemicals

Brenntag Chemicals

The complete demolition of the 26 Acre site including the removal of Brine Treatment & Ferric Chloride plants, 12 sub stations on site, Office blocks and brine treatment facilities working implicitly to CDM 2015 regs.

  • Contract Value: £1.2 Million
  • Contract Duration: 7 months

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers successfully tendered for the demolition of the 26 Acre site down to slab level. The project included the removal of Brine Treatment & Ferric Chloride Plants, twelve on site sub stations, miscellaneous office blocks, tank farms and boiler houses. All work was completed in strict accordance with UK Health and Safety and Environmental legislation with no reportable incidents.

Issues encountered included the presence of residual Caustic (in pipework and tanks) which were removed using remote demolition methods.

The work was controlled using Brenntag dangerous work permits and SCD’s ‘Dynamic’ method statements and risk assessments which were issued on a daily basis. Work was undertaken in close proximity to the adjacent E-on operated Combined Heat and Power Plant.

Because of the clean air needed to feed the gas turbine, dust suppression was a constant issue which we addressed with permanent suppression monitors and water cannons in specified areas.