Scrap Metal & Cars



If you have a transportable amount of metal from a building site, industrial site or other source we operate a state of the art weigh bridge that allows your vehicle to roll on/roll off with the weight of the metal we take from you being calculated in the weight difference.

This facility is super fast, super efficient and allows you to be paid within minutes.


We accept all types of metal, obviously ferrous and non- ferrous, and will pay the best rates we can in accordance with the daily market prices.

Of course we understand that not everyone understands metals and their use and values so if you’re in any doubt about what metal you have please just call us and our staff will do their very best to guide you.


Catalytic converters are complex machines essential to keeping the Earth a lot healthier for us all and to do so they make use of a handful of very valuable metals.

We recycle these metals back into use in hundreds of other applications and pay the best market prices for converters. Please just ask us for the day’s best prices.