EON Power Station Demolition

  • Removal of Steam Generation and ancillary equipment from the Steam Turbine Building. This will included the removal of the Steam Turbine with its accompanying ancillary equipment, steam chambers, pipework, cabling, overhead crane, ladders and gantries, and the whole of the building structure
  • Removal of water cooling towers. This unit is principally built using wooden columns, beams, and panels, with steel sheeting ladders and pipework. The large turbulence blades are made from reinforced fiberglass. The wood element of this structure maybe be removed from the site , however, the main demolition contractor will be responsible for the demolition of this structure.
  • Demolition of Heat exchanging plant. This unit recovered the waste heat from the Gas Turbine and was used to heat water to steam, and the steam generated was used to power the Steam Turbine.
  • Demolition of offices, workshops, transformer rooms:
  • Demolition of the Gas Turbine building and exhaust systems
  • Demolition of the Air Intake system for Gas Turbine
  • Demolition of all water storage tanks and supporting structures, removal of any pumps, valves, pipework, etc.
  • Excavation of all substructure buildings, pipes, footings, etc. to a depth of 2m below ground level; including the surface water drainage system, making sure that all outlets are fully blocked. The existing septic tank system is to be retained.

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